Team-building and Communication

Bizprov workshops are interactive, innovative, fun, and use exercises based on improvisation techniques. Each workshop, while targeted to a certain area, includes aspects of team building, communication, creative thinking, problem solving, life skills and accepting ideas.

Participants are involved in activities proven to be enjoyable and non-threatening. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own comfort level.

Bizprov workshops enhance company culture, build camaraderie, and increase confidence, competence, and self-esteem, while molding a more cohesive unit.

These workshops are a team-building exercise in and of themselves, and empower workers to create a more positive working environment, by building on each others' ideas.

Our workshops are designed to improve:

  • communication
  • listening skills
  • awareness
  • creativity
  • outlook
  • confidence
  • efficiency
  • focus and productivity
  • commitment to ideas

Bizprov Workshops Include:

1. Team Building and Communication

Strong individuals create strong teams. This workshop will create a stronger working environment by celebrating individual strengths and enhancing group communication. Elements covered in each workshop include: Team Dynamics, Types of Communication, Creating a Strong Work Environment, Time and Stress Management, Change Management, and Leadership in the Workplace.

2. Creativity & Initiative

Innovation and creativity are the driving factors towards achievement. This workshop focuses on both individual and team innovation. Elements covered in each workshop include: Risk and Initiative, Inspiration, Effective Brainstorming, and Sales and Marketing.

3. Presentation

One of the greatest fears North Americans have is speaking in public or in front of a large group of people. This workshop addresses those fears and develops the skills necessary for dynamic individual and group presentations. Elements covered in each workshop include: Preparation, Engaging an Audience, Individual vs. Group Presentation, & Dealing with the Unexpected.

Power Prov

This is a workshop done in a show presentation format, where small groups of participants demonstrate improvisational-based exercises for the remainder of your organization.

Each separate exercise will allow new groups of approximately 8 to 12 individuals to illustrate the theory and practical lessons to be learned throughout the workshop.

Everyone is encouraged to work at their own comfort level and those whom wish to be more observers, can do so as an audience members. The show-in-progress structure is an energetic, positive environment that encourages team building, communication, creative thinking and problem solving through experiencing a hands-on learning techniques.

  • "The staff found it was fast-paced, challenging, fun and creative. They wanted more. Bizprov accomplished exactly what we wanted with our staff."
    Toronto District School Board-Resource Department

  • " You were able to make the environment comfortable and non-threatening enough that even the most reserved of my group were willing to join in of their own accord."
    Canadian Pacific Railway

  • "It has been a few weeks since we had that day and other training sessions and workshops have taken place, yet our staff often mentions your presentation as something we should bring back."
    TRE-ADD program, Government of Ontario

  • "Bizprov provided our team with fun new techniques that will help inspire creativity in our collaborative sessions at Bell Canada. Thank you."
    Bell Canada

Bizprov workshops can be developed to address specific concerns. You can choose from our list of workshops, or, if so desired, they can be customized to satisfy the needs of your organization. We have successfully conducted workshops for a single or a mixture of multiple organizational levels.

Our workshops of varying lengths can be tailored to fit morning, afternoon, and evening schedules as well as full-day and weekend seminars. Contact Bizprov for further details.