Used to entertain both conventional and corporate audiences for years, Improv is the art of working without a script. Teams work to build scenes based on audience suggestions. Often, the scene or game will involve audience members participating right on stage. Respected in the film and theatre industries as an invaluable tool for developing plays and movies, Improv has most recently made a splash on television with shows such as Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Train 48, and Thank God You're Here.

The team-building concepts which are essential to developing an entertaining improv show (ie. Strong communication, creativity, risk-taking) have long been recognized as essential for training a strong team in the conventional corporate workplace.

How Do We Use It?

In our team-building training sessions, Bizprov uses improv exercises to foster a interactive, innovative and entertaining training event. Each training session fosters such essential team-building skills as: awareness, listening, building a positive environment, risk-taking and initiative, speed and creativity, strong communication, confidence, focus and productivity, and commitment to individual and team ideas.

In our live improv entertainment shows, the Bizprov team creates a high energy show with lots of audience participation. Building improvised scenes from audience suggestions, Bizprov entertainment will help make your corporate team part of the show and leaving talking about this entertaining event for months.