Interactive Team-Building Workshops
and Shows built on Improvisation

To help organizations realize their goals of achieving a cohesive unit, building a strong team, strengthening awareness and communication, and increasing their potential for success. We accomplish this using workshops and shows based on improvisation techniques that are proven to be fun and interactive.

Every person wants to be a part of something extraordinary. Bizprov workshops and shows foster this attitude in two ways:

  1. A Bizprov workshop or show is an event that will leave your staff talking about it for months to come.
  2. These workshops and shows help improve the corporate environment, helping to give everyone involved something we all aim for: an extraordinary place to work, each and every day.

Bizprov staff do not simply talk at people—they participate with them. Unlike conventional workshops where participants are passive receptors, our staff coaches participants in various techniques (eg. releasing creativity), taking them through the process, both physically and mentally. By attempting each exercise, participants have the opportunity to understand their strengths and weaknesses, creating an opportunity to improve in each area.

Our company uses improvisation because it has been proven to help take communication, innovation, leadership, and life skills to the next level. Our workshops help people relax enough to shed their inhibitions and feel comfortable enough to share their ideas. When you add creativity, awareness, innovation, and the positive attitude fostered by improvisation techniques, each Bizprov workshop creates a fantastic learning event. (The boundaries to accomplishment are lifted. To serve the ultimate goal of team productivity, great teams engage and include individuals without fear of repercussion.)

Some Essential Concepts of the Bizprov Philosophy:

Be Aware.

Awareness of your surroundings is the first step to building a successful team. In today's accelerated world, listening skills have been placed at a premium. There are more tasks, and less time. The ability to listen and accept, read surroundings and people, and respond quickly and professionally are essential for building a strong team.


Being able to accept ideas and build on them is essential for growth. Improvisation works on the principle that any idea is accepted and built upon instead of ignored or dismissed. The goal is to escape linear thinking, and by doing so, to take you in directions you may not have reached when your resistance to acceptance was higher.


Once we have established a strong communication, we must put those ideas into action. By taking calculated risks and fostering the ability to initiate action, individuals and teams become more proficient at both walking the walk and talking the talk.

Have Fun. Have Fun. Have Fun.

How many people do you know that do not enjoy coming into work? They look forward to the weekend, and dread Monday morning. Work should be fun. It should be invigorating, engender pride, and create a feeling of deep satisfaction. Work should inspire. It should inspire individuals and create opportunities for individuals to inspire others. Fun is the essence of being productive. If you enjoy what you do, you will bring a strong commitment to all of your endeavors. You will become better. Your team will become stronger.

You may look forward to Monday.